The nursing field has grown over the past few years, which includes many roles and opportunities. Most people still think that a nursing career is all about a nurse standing at the bedside of a patient to adjust IVS or administer drugs.

Still, all these are old fashion because there are thousands of specialties in the nursing career that someone can choose from instead of staying or believing that this career doesn’t have many specialties.

If you find yourself in a nursing world but don’t know which field fits your skills or passion, with over hundreds of specialties available? The type of nursing specialty you picked all this depends on your skills, level of education, or the type of health license you possess.

This article will help you choose and know the top nursing specialties available and how to select from the best one that fits your career without going through further stress.  


You can search this article for the best specialty career that fits you and the one that goes along with your passion and skills. 

Many people dive into nursing without having a prior idea of what field or department they can choose in a nursing career. 

This has made many nurses choose a different area because of their lack of knowledge to search, scan, and pick the best field that matches these skills. 

But don’t worry, this article covers everything you need to know and also there is detailed information about each field you can pick from. 

We won’t leave you to wander around about where you belong in the nursing world; just read all the content.




As there are different people the same as different characters, every nurse in the nursing world is different; also, other nurses excel in various fields or environments. 

At the same time, the common nurse who is known as community and corporate nursing are the ones that take the front seat in the nursing along with specialties that are needed. 

Note that there are multiple careers in every sector. Despite the type of role you decided to pick or practice, always remember that as a nurse saving and caring for a patient should always come first.



 Suppose you prefer working with elderly and young ones or someone who likes using their nursing career to help new mothers, women, or an entire family. 

This is one of the best fields you can start your career. Below are the areas you can use your skills to make a difference as a nurse.

Faith community or religious nurse: 

People volunteer to work as a nurse in their community based on religious belief and also by having the sense to contribute to the community by offering care to the people. 

Most parish nurses or faith nurses are usually registered nurse specialists who teach and practice physical and spiritual health. 

Local nurse practitioner: 

The job of a local nurse practitioner is not that hard. All you have to do is to provide services to children and adults that live in rural areas. 

Other duties of this type of nurse include treating and diagnosing some acute sickness or critical conditions. They also serve as teachers that educate people about health and wellness issues. 

School nurse: 

Nurses are often required to support students in their school; they are often hired and placed with the duty to help students that get ill, injured, or have any medical crises during school hours. These nurses are sometimes employed by universities, hospitals, the board of education, departments of health. 

 Nurse case manager:  

Nurses in this field have only one main role: they help to act as an advocate for a patient. 

They help people understand their health status and treatment options; they also make sure their patient receives the best treatment through their own personal provided treatment plan. 

Because of their position and area of specialization, there are extra benefits, including overtime pay, training programs, and paid time off. The retirement savings plan is not left out.

Public health nurse:  

The job of a public health practitioner is that they are called to provide health to people who cannot afford medical services. 

Patients In these categories include the poor and people who don’t have any health insurance. 

Most public health nurses strive hard to promote prevention over treatments; as a public health nurse, your main goal is to educate patients through different community-oriented programs that help identify and correct multiple health issues.

 Family nurse practitioner:

This type of family nurse practitioner’s main focus is on three clinical areas: primary care, urgent care, and internal medicine. 

As a family nurse practitioner, your duties will include; performing physical exams, developing a treatment plan for your patients.




A nurse job is not limited to the hospital only; there are other fields a nurse could work at either in school, crime scene, or even by working in a corporate world.

Occupational health nurse: 

As an occupational health nurse, your role is to perform workplace hazard detection and case management. 

Mentoring and training co-workers are also one of the duties of an occupational health nurse. 

Designing a disease prevention program and ensuring that the government’s standard rules and regulations have been carried out.

Forensic nursing 

comprises a body of specialty professions that serve or offer service to the judicial system through health care. Their duties include treating assaulted victims, crime scene investigation, or working as a health practitioner in a correctional facility.

Legal consulting nurse:

If you are the curious type who loves doing research, organizing, or using your logical thinking to solve a problem. 

Working as a legal consulting nurse is the best for you because there is no limitation to where you can do in the corporate world as long as it requires a legal consultant based on health matters, then you are good to go.  

Infectious diseases nurse: 

They are focused on controlling any diseases that might seem contagious to society. Their duties include monitoring infectious illnesses that are drug-resistant; nurses working in this area often serve as policymakers, educators, and researchers. 

Advanced practice nursing:  

Nurses in this field perform tasks or duties reserved for only medical doctors. They can also help to assist other health practitioner and also help to manage patient care. They can also work in specialized fields such as pediatrics, oncology, and family medicine.

Adult nurse practitioners:  

Nurses in this field are trained to apply what they know on nursing theory or nursing research and apply it to clinical practice. 

Their job is to treat patients that suffer from either acute or chronic illness. In some cases, they might specialize in specific areas, such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS.

Nursing administration:

This is one of the fast-growing health care fields that comes with many opportunities for nurses with excellent communication skills and strong leadership. 

Their duties are to oversee all the activities that other nurses do and make decisions on staffing, budget, and policies. 

This career is one of several nurse specialties because their roles range far.

Specialized focus nursing

Specialized focus nursing

Thinking about working in a specialized field like OR or ER, this field is best for you to practice because as a nurse who wishes to treat heart or cancer patients. Your skills might be needed in this field.

Psychiatric nurse practitioner:

They specialize in taking care of patients who have behavioral health issues. Their duties include evaluating and treating patients with mental disorders, abuse, or trauma.

 As a nurse in this field, you can work in; Hospitals, Residential care facilities, Behavioral health clinics, Inpatient treatment facilities, Correctional facilities.

Rehabilitation nurse:  

They always specialized in taking care of patients and restoring them to their normal active mood. 

Their duties also include creating individual care that can help their patients establish rehabilitative goals; they educate their patients and work with other specialists regarding patient conditions. 

Neonatal nursing: 

Their job is relatively simple because taking care of newborn babies and their parents, they care for the infant child. 

Nurses in this field help new moms bathe, clean, and feed their baby most times; they act as a bridge between parents and specialists working with the infant. 

Neonatal nurses can work in hospitals or clinics; they can also provide follow up care for high-risk babies once they leave the hospital. 

Perinatal nurse practitioner:  

This type of practice for nurse practitioners or perinatal clinical nurses often creates career paths. 

Their major service is to provide health care to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Having a baby might seem like stress. 

That is why there is a perinatal nurse to help and support women during the transition. Also, they provide advice on both physical and emotional issues before or after child birth.

Geriatric Nursing: 

Nurse in this field cares for the elderly; also, they focus on the implementation or development of possible treatment plans for chronic illnesses since diabetes, hypertension, and respiratory disorders come among the elderly.

 It is the geriatric nurse’s job to educate and help elderly patients who suffer from these chronic conditions.

Clinical nurse specialist (CNS) or parent-child nurse:  

They are specialized and focus on families and children’s care. Generally, nurses in this field often educate and support families during child-raising. 

Building a productive relationship between children and parents is part of their duties also.

Pediatric nurse:  

Nurses in this field often provide preventative and acute care to both children and adolescents. 

While pediatric nurse practitioner’s job is to perform physical exams, diagnose illness and injury. 

They also provide education and support to patients’ families; they have the privilege to work in the pediatric intensive care (PICU). 

Women’s health nurse practitioner 

Most nurse practitioners often provide comprehensive woman-focused health care; this focus also comes with information on reproductive and gynecological health. 

Also, their duty includes promoting health and disease prevention among women. They also help in the management of chronic health conditions affecting women.

Oncology nurse:  

Nurses in this field often work in hospitals, which include specialty hospitals. Simultaneously, others might decide to work in medical offices, ambulatory care centers, or provide home health care. 

Due to the rate at which cancer can affect anyone, oncology nurses work with adults or children of all ages. 

In addition to this, if these nurses possess more knowledge or qualifications, they can work in many roles, e.g., coordinator, consultant, educator, and researcher. They guide and help people that have cancer. 

Acute care nurse practitioner: 

Nurse practitioner may wish to work in an emergency room, walk-in clinic, doctors’ office, or critical unit. 

Acute care nurse practitioners always care for patients suffering from acute conditions. 

Their duty also includes care for pre and post-operative patients; they can serve as case managers and team leaders.

Cardiovascular nursing: 

Another career to pick under nursing is a cardiovascular nurse; most nurse who works in this field always care for critically ill patients. 

They also help to care for patients who are just recovering from cardiac procedures such as pacemaker surgery bypass. They might decide to work with a team of other medical practitioners who are cardiologists.

Operating room nurse: 

Are you calm under pressure? Can you think as fast as possible? If you can do all this, then OR nursing might be the best career for you. OR nurses always work as a team that takes care of patients before, during, and after surgery.

 Nurses in this field are often referred to as “perioperative” nurses because all their work is always around surgery. 

Emergency room nurse: 

Nurses in this field are often the first medical professional responder patients with critical health issues will see at a hospital.

 They are always thinking fast, fast on their feet, and also work as a team to provide intensive care and even save people’s lives. 

If you are thinking about choosing this path in nursing, you need to have some skills and a license before you can practice.

Trauma nurse: 

Out of all nursing careers, this is one of the most intense careers in the healthcare line. Only a fearless nurse can work in this field because they save patients who have suffered life-threatening injuries, either burns, crashes. 

As a nurse in this field, you need confidence if you wish to excel in this career. 

Labor and delivery nurse:  

This is one of the most essential and best careers in nursing. If during the delivery period, and all seem successful, the nurse in charge will relish their supporting role. 

But if otherwise, the nurse will stay calm and relax to access the situation. This is one of the happiest or most challenging moments of a parent’s life; 

this is one of the best careers to chase because, as a delivery and labor nurse, you are playing an essential role by delivery and bringing a new born child to this world.

Critical care nurse: 

Do you care about people a lot? Then this career is for you; nurses in this field often provide intensive care to their patients. 

And sometimes, they are often referred to as ICU(intensive care unit) nurses. Note this because critical care nurses are called ICU nurses don’t mean all essential nurse for the ICU; please take note of this. 

They are always skilled, trained health care professions who care for critically ill and injured patients; nurses in this division might decide to work in another healthcare department if they wish to, e.g., pediatric units, neonatal intensive care.


In conclusion,

there are many nursing careers you can pick from, but before you choose any career. Try and study or know the type of nurse you are. 

The nursing career is impressive because it is all about saving lives, but if you don’t understand your skills and which career to apply it to, you might fail as a nurse, which is why this article is written to guide which specialty to pick from the nursing world.

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