Which country pays nurses most.

Which country pays nurses most?

For registered nurses who recently graduated or even those older in the profession, the main desire is a good place to work. Good not just in infrastructure but both work environment and workers’ remuneration. 

As per the statistics available, this good place is usually outside the boundaries of our own countries. This is especially encouraged for younger nurses who do not have family responsibilities. 

Many opportunities come along with working overseas, learning about other people and cultures while doing what you love.

While all the nurse takes the course guided by the desire to save lives and take care of patients, the perks that nursing job attracts are also a significant factor. 

In this article, we aim to assist a nurse considering working outside his or her country boundaries. 

What are the Countries that pays Nurses the most?

Our objective is to help them break this down by sampling some of the nurse’s salaries in the top five paying countries in the world.

As with several careers in health care, nursing is one of all the foremost reward able professions you’ll contemplate. 

Not solely is there an enormous quantity of job satisfaction to be found in caring for folks that urgently want your facilitate; however, there’s a healthy monetary incentive, too? 

In fact, registered nurses will attract high pay in several countries around the world, with some willing to pay over others.

Kindly note that this list is not exclusive. Over the recent past, nurses in various countries have staged protests seeking better remuneration. 

As such, you do not have to worry if the country you thought does not feature in the article. Our article is based on statistics collected over the past decade.

The list is arranged from the highest to the lowest:

7+ Countries that pay’s nurses the most


1. Luxembourg

Although a landlocked country and small geographically, Luxembourg is an economic powerhouse. It has one of the world’s highest GDP and is always considered a global center for private investment banking. 

Sandwiched between Belgium, Germany, and France, Luxembourg offers its nurses the highest average annual pay on our list.


It has a high cost of living and therefore as salaries to match that. Nurses earn an average salary of $60,000 in the first eight years of their career. 

Experienced registered nurses get a salary as high as $125,000. Due to this fact, several newcomers from other neighboring counties searching for a decent wage have almost filled this country, making it difficult for new nurses to join the profession in Luxembourg.

united-states Nurses

2. United States of America

The US Comes second in the United States of America. Here nurses pocket an average annual pay of $55,000 in the first eight years of career practice while those with experience receive an average yearly pay of $95000. 

This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. California ranks as the highest paying state for nurses in this country compared to other states.

Borsen Building, Copenhagen
Borsen Building (The Old Stock Exchange) & Christiansborg Palace at sunrise, Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Norway

Norway is an oil-rich nation with one of the highest living standards in the world. 

Nurses enjoy a good life as the average salary for a Registered Nurse is $50,000 but may increase up to $91,000 annually for those with master’s degrees or the highly experienced nurses.

You can be well entertained in this country if you like Viking history, as well as outdoor pursuits like hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

4. Denmark 

The fourth highest paying country for nurses is Denmark. In this country, nurses earn better salaries compared to many other countries around the world. 

On average, nurses in this country receive an average annual salary of $50,000 for newly registered nurses and $84,000 for those highly experienced in the field.


Denmark has a relatively high cost of living, and as such, those coming to work from other countries may not get to keep as much of the money. 

However, in addition to this salary, Denmark also government-subsidized child care and greatly improved universal healthcare.

canada-toronto paid nurses

5. Canada 

With universal care and proximity to the U. S., the North American nation could be a prime location for nurses inquisitive about attempting International Nursing. However, it doesn’t wish to stray too aloof from home. 

What is more, English because the primary language adds to the convenience of transitioning to living in another country. 

The College of Nurses of Ontario is the board for Registered Nurses in the North American nation. 

International candidates should secure a license from the board once a series of background checks, interview queries, and an examination. 

This examination prices a minimum of $340. The worth will vary primarily based on individual factors. 

Consistent with the web site, the registration method will take anyplace from 3-18 months. The applying is often started on-line with the submission of documentation.

Canada has a well-funded universal health care system, and nurses enjoy excellent remuneration. 

The salary range is between $48,000 and $50,000, which is the world’s highest. Experienced nurses earn $65000 upwards.

6. Caribbean Islands

Island Board of Nurse Licensure oversees all candidates. The average wage for an RN in North American countries is $60,000 a year ($30.3 an hour). 

New graduates area unit paid $44,000 a year ($23 AN hour), which might be exaggerated to $30.3 AN hour over an amount of variety of years. Overtime pay is often one and 0.5 times the hourly rate.


Australia high paying nursing jobs

7. Australia

Joining its hemisphere neighbor, New Sjaelland, within the prime ten, Australia is that an excellent location for those trying to mix a well-paid career chance with a sunnier and a lot of laidback lifestyles. 

Despite its huge geographic scope, Australia is comparatively distributed in terms of population; thus, complete employees area unit nearly perpetually welcome from abroad. 

Nursing is one such profession, and people UN agency area unit willing to relocate will expect a yearly recompense of around $72,271. 

With several thriving, trendy and cosmopolitan cities to decide on from – and a few of the world’s biggest natural landmarks on the threshold – it’s no surprise that Australia is such a preferred destination for nurses.


We need to note that countries and organizations offer a wide range of benefits to nurses and other workers. These benefits are often not considered in calculating wages but may offer significant financial advantages.


As I close this article, I would like to remind you that this list is not exclusive. Note that demand for nurses in some other countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and South Africa means an opportunity for improved salaries in these countries.

Lastly, we wish you all the best working experience in the country you chose to work in.

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